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  • Going to the bank to cash a check and leaving check at home
  • Getting time wrong and arriving an hour late at tennis tournament you're in charge of to find 6 courts full of outraged tennis players
  • Singing in the car and overshooting exit by 6 miles
  • Driving to work and half-way there remembering it's Saturday
  • Inserting your ATM card in the gas pump instead of your credit card
  • Putting shampoo instead of conditioner on your hair after rinsing
  • Pulling gas line out of pump while it still running and spraying gas over you and ground
  • Driving from gas station with  gas pump still in tank and pulling pump from its bearing
  • Going to the wrong theater with 12 tickets while the others waited
  • Having GPS refuse to take address, the cover phone no. is wrong, the directions from the gas station do not work, the BPS is barking incorrect directions from back seat where  it had been thrown--arrive at  Stonebrook Golf Club in Shakopee an hour late, when get home discover directions on kitchen counter

About the author

Judy McConnell was born in Charleston, West Virginia and moved north with her family at age 5 and became a Minnesotan. After graduating in Comparative Literature from the University of Southern California, she traveled and lived on the coasts until marriage. Eventually, she obtained a master's in Education and undertook a career as a Training Specialist. Interested in writing at an early age, she didn't take up writing full time until after retirement at age 73.

Divorced in 1972, her two children attended Deephaven schools and Mounds View High School.She lives in active retirement in St. Louis Park and likes to spend time with her five granddaughters. 

I'll bet you can't top this

      prize pitfalls

  • Going home from the grocery store without your groceries
  • Driving off from a filling station and forgetting to pay and rushing back before the clerk takes action
  • Noticing you forgot something and searching the car and purse and driving back to get it, only to discover it was in your purse all the time
  • Mailing a letter without a stamp
  • Arriving all dressed up at someone's house on the wrong date
  • Not being able to find a key you hid outside the house in an emergency
  • Talking to someone who is overjoyed to see you for 5 minutes before figuring out who it is.
  • Asking someone about circumstances of his/her life and seeing by their offended expression that you are talking to the wrong person.
  • Driving the wrong way down a one-way street
  • Leaving an expensive camera in seat in the airport
  • Locking yourself out of the car with the spare key inside in your purse
  • Drinking the salad dressing thinking it is the soup
  • Entirely forgetting and leaving your lunch date waiting at the restaurant
  • Losing glasses so often you are obliged to put reading glasses in every room and in the car glove compartment