Judy McConnell


first step...

Walking up the hill toward the stone pillars of Tyrol Hills as a child I made a solemn vow: I would never, ever forget what it was like. The experience of childhood had to be retained so that when I grew up I could figure it out, so I could pass it on, so those coming after me would know and the trail would be broken. At 21, I left home and moved to New York City, filled with angst and expectation, hoping, through the youthful years of exploration and adventure, to find a landing place.
      Whatever had happened to provoke those feelings of family estrangement, of adolescent rebellion had crumbled into the grind of time. Until finally, at age 73, I took up pad and pencil and started writing, armed with cobwebbed letters and journals, scrawled autograph albums, and faded snapshots. And it all came rushing back.



THESE CONSECUTIVE MEMOIRS depict the years of the forties, fifties and early sixties back when family life, child discipline, and sexual standards were very different. You will recognize actual events that typlify the era in Minneapolis and New York as a rebellious teenager challenges the rigid conventional norms that gave rise, for good reason, to the explosive sixties.

Memoirs of

A Minnesota Girl