Doheny Library, USC-2009

Place de la Sorbonne

Hotel Select, Paris

Dad, Judy, Susan, Mom, Harold


 Harold, Mother, Dad,  Susan, Judy

Ian, Margo, Judy, Don

Europe 1954

West Berlin 1954

Granddad Fought



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Neet and Judy

Meadowbrook School 1947

Judy  Los Angeles



Chester and Judy

Minnesota Blizzard 1940

West Virginia

Judy at 57 Groveland Terrace

Cinema Department USC-1955


Calvin Johnson

USC Apartment House-2009

Sylvia Newton and her Parents

Mae Johnson

Margo and Judy Hitchhiking in Oslo

Mrs. Holt (center) gave a luncheon

for Mrs. Harold Bradford (right) at the Lafayette Club, 1959

USC Apartment-1955


Apartment on Adams Blvd. Los Angeles